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Tuition Information

 2014-2015 Tuition Fees

        Full Day:  8:15-3:00   Annual Rate: $8740
  Ten Installments: $874  
        Half Day:  8:15-12:15   Annual Rate: $6900   Ten Installments: $690   
        Full Day:   8:15-3:00   Annual Rate: $9160
  Ten Installments: $916 
        Half Day:  8:15-12:15   Annual Rate: $7230   Ten Installments: $723 

Elementary:  8:30-3:15

        Levels 1-2   Annual Rate: $9740
  Ten Installments: $974
        Levels 3-4-5   Annual Rate: $9970
  Ten Installments: $997
        Levels 6   Annual Rate: $10,100
  Ten Installments: $1,010
Secondary:  8:30 - 3:15
        Levels 7-8   Annual Rate: $10,100   Ten Installments:  $1,010

Additional Fees

       New student application fee   $100    
       Child-care   $5/hour, billed and payable at the end of each month. 

Payment schedule

       First installment   Due by: February 24        Enrollment Deposit**
       Second installment   Due by: September 1
       Third installment   Due by: October 1
       Fourth installment   Due by: November 1
       Fifth installment   Due by: December 1
       Sixth installment   Due by: January 1
       Seventh installment   Due by: February 1
       Eighth installment   Due by: March 1
       Ninth installment   Due by: April 1
       Tenth installment   Due by: May 1

*Availability of half day spaces is limited.  Enrollment priority is given to full day students.
Kindergarten students in Room 1 are full day only.

We give a 5% reduction on each child after the first child in one family.

**The enrollment deposit is non-refundable and is your commitment for reserving your child's space.
It is applicable only for the child designated on the pre-enrollment form.
It is not applicable to any other month's tuition installment.